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Calendar of Events 2019

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Graf-Arco-Str. 30, D-83636 Valley/Oberbayern, Germany

Telephone: 08024/4144, Telefax: 08024/48135



About us:

Dear friends of the organ, of Musica di Baviera and of the Cultural Center Altes Schloß Valley!

In addition to the year-round program of tours and organ concerts, we are pleased to present two additional projects:

-          March 4: The newly refurbished lower level of the Zollingerhalle will open for the first time with twenty historical consoles and seven historical organs whose technical systems (slider chests, cone valve chests, tubular-pneumatic action, electromagnetic slider chests) will be viewable and illuminated behind glass during performances.


-          Early October: A presentation of original films should take place accompanied by a performance on the nearly complete Heidelberg Cinema Organ (Bavaria’s only organ of this type). We are awaiting confirmation for the date of this event from the Regional Council of Baden, where our plans are being followed with excitement.

In addition, we have initiated a new series, MUSICA DI BAVIERA. Originally formulated in 1768 by Pater Chrysogon Zech in Tegernsee, our series presents unknown but great works from the Bavarian Baroque, featuring soloists, chorus and orchestra.

As in the past, we continue to offer two-hour museum tours. Individuals can join a tour by reserving a place beforehand under: 08024/4144

With your participation in our museum tours and cultural excursions you provide financial support for the Organ Museum – every Euro is important. Future large projects include the construction of an underground connection between the Altes Schloß, Zollingerhalle and the Cinema Organ Hall. We would of course need additional large sponsors. With our 4,000 square meters above-ground building space, we are indeed among the largest private museums in our broader region. Our exhibit has 24 playable, historical pipe organs together with more pipe registers than in the world’s largest cathedral organ. Please visit and support us!


Dr. Sixtus and Inge Lampl

Monthly information: www.lampl-orgelzentrum.com

1.  Guided Tours in the Organ Center…

        ...belong to our visitors’ most memorable experiences
         the fascinating aura of the historical rooms,

                  close physical proximity to the performance of the

          -       recognition of the world-historical significance
         of the organs,

         -         guided group tours all year long – for 20-70 people
        (by appointment),

          -       glimpses into organ technology that before
         now were not available to the public eye.

The tours last 2 to 2 ½ hours which, with live performances of the instruments, seem to fly by much faster. Opportunities to sit are available to everyone. The price for groups of up to 20 people is €160.  Individuals can join group tours for the price of €8. Tour appointments can be made at www.lampl-orgelzentrum.com

or by telephone: 08024/4144.

The ideal addition: Attendance for the whole group
at an organ concert beginning later after the tour!


2. Organ Concerts…

…in the Zollingerhalle are of incomparable quality due to the exceptional architecture of Friedrich Zollinger, who transformed the Zollingerhalle from a sawmill into an acoustical wonder. The simultaneous playing of seven organs from different epochs is the highlight of these concerts. Today’s most modern organ technology can be heard on the second largest historical organ console in Germany featuring digital samples from the Laurentius Organ of St. Lorenz in Nuremberg. Coffee and drinks are offered during intermissions. The admission fee to the concerts is €15. The fee for each organ-only concert is €10. Listeners experience the same acoustics in every seat. No admission is charged for children and disabled persons. Well-behaved, quiet dogs are allowed. We highly encourage reserving tickets in advance.



This title originated from the vesper service music for soloists, chorus, orchestra and organ composed by Pater Chrysogon Zech at the Benedictine monastery in Tegernsee and published 250 years ago (1768) in St. Gallen.  On December 30, 2018 we plan to perform his first great vesper in the Zollingerhalle.


“MUSICA DI BAVIERA” should bring attention to the fact that the Bavarian Baroque, alongside its high achievements in the visual arts, produced equally notable accomplishments in music. However, these works were mostly lost as a consequence of the destructive Secularization of 1803, leaving them unknown to the cultural world. Sixtus Lampl discovered approximately 5,000 pages of these compositions during his early studies. Through the discovery of as many additional pages of instrumental, solo and chorus parts, he has already performed some of these works. Those who have already heard works by Haltenberger, Zech, Trautsch, Madlseder, Michl, Schreyer and others, have an idea of what musical treasures are still hidden in the Altes Schloß. For the 2018 concert season we chose works by composers who were born 300 years ago (Camerloher), died 200 years ago (Gleissner), or whose works were published 250 years ago (Madlseder, Zech).


4. Celebrations in the Altes Schloß and Zollingerhalle

…are always attractive:

·       as a personal touch at birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

·       for non-church weddings with organ music

·       whenever companies want to offer an extravagant event to their guests

·       whenever the restoration of long-silent organs is celebrated in matinee concerts

We can fulfill your requests for coffee and cake as well as for a cold buffet.


5. Die Stiftung Altes Schloß Valley (Foundation of the Altes Schloß Valley)


The Foundation of the Altes Schloß Valley falls under the obliging auspices of the German Foundation for Monument Protection (Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz), which represents the Altes Schloß in legal and business matters. The purpose of the Foundation is the restoration, renovation, maintenance and care of the cultural memorials Altes Schloß Valley, Zollingerhalle, the baroque Bundwerkstadel and in particular, their organs. The Foundation maintains the museum-quality facilities for these memorials.

Account Number: IBAN DE37 3804 0007 0306 6578 06


Der Förderverein Orgelmuseum e.V. (Association for the Support of the Organ Museum)


We would be pleased to have you join.
Annual membership: €25, discounted membership: €13.

Membership forms are available at the entrance to the Altes Schloß and the Zollingerhalle, or we will mail these forms to you upon request.

The following account can be used for donations: IBAN DE37 7115 2570 0000 0166 83.


Der Schlossverlag Valley (Castle Publishing House Valley)…

              …publishes our own organ-related and art
             “historical writings:

Johann Baptist Zimmerman, Wegbereiter des Bayerischen Rokoko (“Johann Baptist Zimmermann, Pathfinder of the Bavarian Rococco“, with CD of music for chorus and orchestra published by S. Lampl) €15;

Dominikus Zimmermann, Wie ihn kaum jemand kennt (“Domikus Zimmermann, As barely anyone knows him“) €30;

Musik und Orgelwerke des Klosters Tegernsee, (Music and organ works from the Monastery of Tegernsee) €.15,00;

Kriegs=Chronik der Gemeinde Valley 1914-1918 (War chronicle of the village of Valley, 1914-1918) €10;

Small organ guides and 30 different guides to churches in Bavaria, €2.50 each;

A favorite souvenir of tour participants and concert attendees is the brochure of the Zollingerhalle that includes a CD on which Hedwig Bilgram performs on six different organs in the hall, €15.00           



Kontakt & Impressum

Kultur- und Orgelzentrum
Graf-Arco-Str. 30
D - 83626 Valley
Tel.: 0 80 24/41 44
Fax : 0 80 24/48 13 5








Gruppenführungen ganzjährig auf Anfrage

Einzelpersonen können sich gerne
an Gruppenführungen anschliessen.

Wenn Sie Interesse an regelmässigen Informationen
aus dem Kultur- und Orgelzentrum Valley haben.
So können Sie  die folgende e-mail-Adresse anklicken
und zukünftige Informationen anfordern:
    e-mail Adresse des Orgelzentrums


Der Bayerische Rundfunk hat in seinem
2. Rundfunkprogramm am 20.05.2018 (Wiederholung Februar 2019) in der Sendereihe "-  Zeit für Bayern - "
ein ausführliches Portrait des Musikinstrumentes Orgel ausgestrahlt
von Thibaud Schremser mit dem Titel:
- Orgelgeschichten - Audienz bei ihrer Majestät -

Das vollständige Portrait kann unter diesem Titel
→  hier auf der Podcast-Seite des BR 2 angeklickt werden.


Die besondere Akustik der   Zollingerhalle in Valley wird von vielen Musikkennern geschätzt und beruht auf der nicht glatten Gewölbestruktur
wie z.B. in romanischen Kirchen mit der Folge eineseher langen Nachhalls, sondern auf der vielfältigen Brechung des Klangs und einer Teil-Absorption
des Nachklangs durch die rippenförmige hölzerne Hallendachkonstruktion.
Die Folge ist ein eher kurzer Nachhall.
Dies war seinerzeit vom Konstrukteu Zollinger natürlich nicht unter solchen akustischen Gesichtpunkten entworfen, aber ist für die jetzige musikalische Nutzung der Zollingerhalle hervorragend nutz- und erlebbar:
Durch diese architektonische Bauweise mit wenig diffusem Nachhall
entsteht ein sehr direkter und damit transparenter Klang,
Diese akustische Raumeigenschaft kommt insbesondere bei Kammermusik zur Geltung.




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